Plans & Pricing

Price A
250 USD /month

  • 500'000 requests (API calls) per month included
  • Data export (URL and MD5 daily)
  • Malware samples
  • Extra requests

Complete Database Copy
3000 USD one-time without subscription/updates

  • Complete database dump
  • Data for malware URLs
  • Data for malware file objects

Price B
500 USD one-time setup
500 USD /month

  • Dedicated server (no any limit for API calls (hardware limitation only), data transfer limit 2-5 TB
  • Unlimited API usage
  • Malware samples
  • Data export (URL and MD5)
  • Encryption Support
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Price C
1000 USD /month

Expert Model. MySQL database replication with our server as slave and have full database copy.
Any data real time updates. You can develop any application, services, e.t.c. using this data.
24/7 Web/Email Support Included

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Billing general information

  • Base monthly fee, charged in advance of the month. Any overusage fees are charged the following month.
  • All packes are not limited to a monthly usage. That means that unused lookups do roll over from one month to the next and will not expire. Any type of credits are non-refundable.
  • Your requests are not visible to anyone else.
  • API calls can be made over HTTPS if your plan support encryption.
  • Dedicated server. The physical server(s) used to host your personal API.
  • Minimum billing: one month. You can cancel your API account at any time. Cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing period. You will not receive a refund for billing that has already occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my price model?
Certainly. You can upgrade your price model at any time.

Can I setup my sub-domain for ACE API?
Yes. You can set up and use your own domain name (like to access the ACE.

Can I buy full database?
Yes. Price for the database is a one time of 3000$.